MI RACCONTO was filmed in Pieve Santo Stefano (Tuscany) for a course I taught at Fondazione L’archivio Diaristico Nazionale (The National Archive of Diaries Foundation) about memory, storytelling and self-representation.

English translation is available through YouTube’s caption system (and on this page, below)

Written by and featuring Samuel Webster.
Directed, filmed and edited by Samuel Webster.
Translation assistance: Alessia Clusini


English transcription:

They were wrong when they defined the intimate spaces. There is more of me floating down the river, than there will ever be in my empty bedroom. There is more intimacy in an anonymous letter than in nudity. There is more love in the afternoon sun than in wilting roses.
Because loneliness isn’t selfishness, it is a time for waiting. It is a time for rediscovery.
The sound in the wind evokes my name and the people around me become family. My wisdom doesn’t stop with my words and my kindness is not only in my hands. I belong, whether here or there, because I am aware of myself. Because I caught my story and never let it go.

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