About Samuel

My name is Samuel Webster and I am a multidisciplinary artist with diverse skills and experience in the arts industry. I have a Bachelors degree with Honours in Communications, a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary School), and a Masters in Theatre and Performance, for which I won the Vice-Chancellor’s award.

I am currently studying for a PhD Creative Practice in Theatre and Performace Studies.


I have worked on a variety of professional projects over the years, including:

Willy Loman Big Band’s Viziato (2019)
Willy Loman Big Band’s Eccho (2018)

Italia Senza Voce (2016)
Cosa Volevo Dirmi (2016)
Nonno, raccontami del grigio (2015)
Nascita (2015)
Mica una cosa piccola (2015)
Solo un’ombra (2014)
Dove vive la memoria (2013)
Mi Racconto (2013)
Roses (2010)

Premio Pieve Saverio Tutino (2012-2019, 2022)
L’Intrepida (2012-2019)
Little Fox’s “Wild Ones” (2019)
Festival dello Spettatore (2018)
Ofelia voleva soltanto nuotare (2016)
Fork (2015)
Bella Toscana (2012)

Rafael Bonachela’s 2 One Another (2011)
Protogenos (2010)

Development: Lentil (Ethics Centre – 2024)
New Theatre’s Merry Wives of Windsor (2021)
Mimesi (2015)
Nascita (2015)
Various works for Rafael Bonachela/SDC (2012-Present)

Hope in Isolation (2020)

OnFire Big Band – Old School
OnFire Big Band – Unfinished Business

Santarcangelo Festival (2020)
Santarcangelo Festival (2019)

On this website, you will find a selection of my work and more information about my background and experience as an artist. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about my art or If you have any questions or want to learn more about my art or collaborate on a project, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always open to new opportunities and am excited to see what the future holds.

I am in awe of the way in which he can capture the physical art of dance, the aural art of music and grasp inner meaning which he effortlessly translates into words. It is such a gift.
Rafael Bonachela
Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company
Forget the tortured artist. Webster is a profound talent, but clearly optimistic and happy.
Kylie Flavell
Journalist, Vogue Magazine
Protogenos is a unique concept which typifies why Webster is so successful at what he does.
Monique Cowper
Journalist, Hornsby Advocate
Webster has a bright future ahead.
Zac Bayly
Journalist, Pages Digital
Haunting and powerful in its intimacy, Ofelia Voleva Soltanto Nuotare holds a mirror to the ills of a society failing to stand up for the safety and rights of all women, and a voyeuristic media hungry to blame the victim.
Mitch Ziems
Journalist, The 8 Percent