Samuel has been commissioned on multiple occasions to create short films focusing on aspects of memory, history and storytelling. In 2013, he led a seminar about ‘recounting the self’ through art and film, held inside the organisational headquarters of the foundation. Samuel has been one of the official photographers for the Archive’s annual festival of Premio Pieve Saverio Tutino since 2012 and was head of Photography from 2014 until 2019.

Commissioned Projects:
Mica una cosa piccola (2014)
Mi Racconto (2013)
Dove vive la memoria (2013)

Photo by Luigi Burroni
Some of those lives are hastily scribbled on scraps of paper. Others fill leather-bound journals with lazy longhand. Still others come tidily typewritten. They are among the thousands of diaries, letters, autobiographies and punctilious notes that line the shelves of the National Diary Archive Foundation, providing firsthand accounts of the lives of common people and how they witnessed the grand events that shaped the nation. Remembering, and celebrating, the lives of ordinary people who set down their experiences on paper is at the heart of what inspired Saverio Tutino, a foreign correspondent and devoted chronicler, to start the archive in 1984, that seemingly distant age before millions everywhere posted their every deed and opinion on Twitter.
Elizabetta Povoledo
Journalist, New York Times

Mica una cosa piccola

Solo un’ombra
Personal project